ENVE Wheelset SES 4.5C Disc Shimano 2022

ENVE Wheelset SES 4.5C Disc Shimano 2022

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The SES 4.5 AR Disc is a wheel with no compromise aerodynamics, designed specifically for bikes with disc brakes and 30 mm tires. This model is made for 12 mm through pins at the front and rear; please contact us for more options.

Rebellious, unconventional and pioneering are the words that describe the only one of its kind SES 4.5 AR Disc. Conceived for the Paris-Roubaix pebbles through our partnership with Team Dimension Data, the SES 4.5 AR disc was developed to offer top-level performance, stability and aerodynamic comfort for almost all road surfaces. The AR SES 4.5 disc is available as a tubeless tire and tubular rim. The SES 4.5 AR disc borrows ENVE's M series tubeless carbon mountain wheel technology and features microspheres without hooks. Hookless microspheres improve aerodynamic performance by favoring the flow of air from the tire to the rim and allow the best performance of tubeless tires. Like all Smart ENVE System aerodynamic wheels, the front and rear wheels are specifically designed for the air flow seen in the front and rear of the bike. As such, the front edge is lower and wider to maximize stability and the back is deeper and narrower to help reduce drag. In addition to dissimilar geometries, the AR SES 4.5 disc features a specific disc brake construction that saves weight, improves stamina and creates unprecedented riding quality.

  • Features
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  • Go fast, everywhere
  • 1452-gram wheelset weight (with XDR body)
  • Inner Rim Width: 25mm
  • Aero optimized tire size: 27mm-28mm
  • Minimum labeled tire size: 27mm
  • Tubeless Only


Internal Width25mm25mm
External Width32mm32mm
Hole Count2424
Effective Rim Diameter558547


Aero Optimized Tubless-Ready Tire Size27mm
Minimum Tire Size (Labeled)27mm
Maximum Tire Pressure for Min. Tire (psi | bar)80 | 5.5
Tire TypeTubeless Ready
Tubeless Tape Width29mm


Rim Weight411g415g426g
ENVE Premium Road Disc (XDR Freehub Body)662g790g1452g

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