Feedback Sports RAKK Display Stand - Black

Feedback Sports RAKK Display Stand - Black

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The Feedback Sports Rakk Storage & Display stand is simplicity itself to use. Just roll the bike wheel into the slot, and that's it! The spring loaded swing arm holds the top of the wheel to balance the bike. Works with road bikes, BMX bikes, cross bikes, mountain bikes, tandems, and most others. Metal clips allow multiple RAKK units to be held parallel, or joined to create a curved display. The arm can be locked down to make extra RAKK units easy to store or transport.

  • Black Powder-Coated Steel.
  • Secures a wide range of bike wheels sizes: 18” – 29” & 700c diameter 20mm – 2.4 wide.
  • Holds the wheel without the risk of scratching rim or spokes.
  • Arm folds/locks down for easy transport.
  • Dimensions (set up): 345 x 410 mm.
  • Height (when folded flat): 3.2” (81 mm).
  • Base footprint 13.5” x 16” (343 x 406 mm).
  • Spacing between RAKK units: 305 or 343 or 381 mm.
  • Weight: 2.7 kg.

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