Morgan Blue Dry Wax Lube (Mtb) 125Ml

Morgan Blue Dry Wax Lube (Mtb) 125Ml

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Lubricating Oils - Dry Wax.

DRY WAX is a professional wax-based lubricant enriched with additives which forms a think, flexible lubricating coating.

Once applied, the liquid penetrates into the inner sider of the chain.

The wax leaves a lubricating film which repels dirt.

Application: DRY WAX should be applied on a dry chain, after cleaning Chain Cleaner and left to dry.

DRY WAX protects the chain against water and dirt.

For best results apply 1 hour before use [to allow the product to dry].

Do not use Dry Wax at freezing temperatures.

The product can be used for MTB and race applications.

Properties and Advantages:

Lubricated parts remain cleaner longer; chain does not turn as black.

Low friction.

Flexible and efficient switching.

Does not attract dirt.


Shake well before use.

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