Premax Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 100g

Premax Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 100g

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Wake up your legs with Premax Warm Up Cream Formula EP5, spreading a mild warmth over the skin so you're ready to ride in attritional conditions.

Ideal pre-race, this cream stimulates blood flow when massaged into muscles to shield against the wind, rain and cold, whilst also ensuring skin is hydrated thanks to the addition of Vitamin E and shea butter. Cleanse hands thoroughly after application and before touching any sensitive areas, otherwise things can get a little tingly.


Invigorating cream for sport and exercise
Protects and nourishes skin with Vitamin E and shea butter
Formulated with sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, and caffeine
Lime, grapefruit and sweet orange fragrance
100 gram tube will serve over 20 applications

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