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Unisex Saddle Built For Comfort
Born to be suitable for all categories of cyclists and genders the Prologo Dimension Space T4.0 Saddle is shorter and wider than many traditional saddles. This helps to spread the pressure over the seating area more evenly and serves to reduce saddle discomfort. Lengthwise the seat measures 245mm and its width is 153mm.

Wider For A Reason
Prologo has created this product for all women and men who require a wider saddle because their bodies have a greater distance between the ischial bones than other folk. The Prologo Dimension Space T4.0 Saddle is also ideal for those who prefer a semi-round or round shape with medium – low pelvic rotation/flexibility.

Comfort Channel
The Prologo Dimension Space T4.0 Saddle is fitted with a large pressure relief channel to reduce numbness and help maintain blood flow especially when seated for long stretches of time. It also increases airflow to the region which helps to keep overheating in check. In comparison to the Dimension 143 seat this one also has an extra 7mm padding with special foam density to ensure greater comfort for longer rides.

T4.0 Rail (7mm)
Aside from the light foam padding, the saddle construction consists of a microfibre upper and a T4.0 rail (7mm) achieving a total weight of 250g. The end result is an affordable, ergonomic and wide seat suitable for all riders.
• Prologo Dimension Space T4.0 Saddle
• 7mm T4.0 rail
• Snub-nose and wide seat
• 33mm shorter than traditional saddles
• Suits male or female riders
• For all categories of cyclists
• Unique ergonomic shape
• Cushions all the roughness of the off-road

• Model: Dimension Space T4.0
• Part Number: PL/DIME405AB80
• Colour Name: Anthracite/Black
• Rail: T4.0 (7mm)
• Cover: Microfibre
• Padding: Light Foam
• Comfort: Pressure relief channel
• Weight: 250 grams
• Dimensions: 245 x 153mm (L x W)
• Country of Manufacture: Taiwan