What is Custom?

What brings us the most joy is working with you to build something special. We want to create a bike that fits you perfectly, inspires you to ride and reflects your style. This is what we do best. Customisation can be broad, where your entire bike is tailored to your choices, or you can tweek a few smaller aspects to make it your own. Stepping through the different build aspects of your bike, you can choose one or all steps.

The Frame

We’ve partnered with some of the best frame manufacturers from both Australia and across the globe ,those that win races at the highest level to more boutique builders to make your ride truly special.. As the frame forms the foundation of your build and much of the ride quality, it’s a good place to start. You can choose comfort, aerodynamics, lightweight - or a balance of the three, handbuilt or otherwise and a variety of materials.

Custom Geometry

Whether tall, small or somewhere inbetween, working with our bike fitter and the frame builder is a great way to ensure your custom bike is truly unique to you. It can help tune certain characteristics to suit your riding, such as stability descending or stiffness in the bottom bracket, as well as improve comfort. It’s also a great insight to how frames are built and adds a certain appreciation to the outcome.


The parts that complete your bike add limitless customisation to your build. Whilst the starting point it simply tailoring the components to fit you and your riding style or preferred terrain. There are fun levels of customisation within this like, colour coordination, 3D printed mounts and custom wheels to name a few.


The ultimate in customisation and an obvious touch to add your own personal touch to your bike. Paint inspiration can come from many places; nature, a car, a sports team and can also include additional touches like names or drawings. If you’re lost with the infinite options, don’t worry, we can help you design something special.

Let's Talk

The more we know the better. Come in store for a coffee, give us a call, send an email or a way that works best for you but share what you are thinking and we can better understand what you want to achieve. We like to start with a chat before moving on as every person is different. With our experience, the more we know about you, the better we can work with you through your custom build.