ENVE AG25 Gravel Wheelset

ENVE AG25 Gravel Wheelset

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Hot on the heels of the Foundation Collection road ENVE 45 & 65, and the mountain AM30 launch comes the introduction of Foundation Gravel in the form of two new wheels –the AG25 (700c) and AG28 (650b). Two all-new wheelset that follow the Foundation ethos of offering best-in-class performance for drop-bar off-road adventurers.

WHAT IS AG? AG stands for Adventure/Gravel. With more and more road riders looking for new challenges on the roads less traveled, we wanted to build a wheelset that is equally at home one a multi-day off-road adventure as it is on the DK race course. Regardless the AG25 and AG28 are ready for adventure.

KEY POINTS OF DIFFERENTIATION: •Rim Shape/Construction –Shallow cross-section allows for improved vibration absorption and compliance•Lightweight –The AG model rims are competitively light-weight and on par with rims positioned at a higher MSRP. The weight of the AG25 700c rim only is 355g•Molded Spoke Hole Technology –External nipples•Anti-Pinch Flat Technology –Like the G Series G23 & G27, the AG25 & AG28 feature our patent pending Wide Hookless Bead which is a broad impact absorbing leading edge that improves pinch flat protection by over 50% when compared to a traditional hookless bead•Hookless Bead design •Rim widths optimized for modern gravel tires•AG25 = 25mm inner rim width, best for tires 36mm -45mm•AG28 = 28mm inner rim width, best for tires 47mm –2.25”


Diameter 700c
Rim Weight 355g
Inner Rim Width 25mm
Outer Rim Width 33.4mm
Rim Depth 21mm
Hole Count 24
Tire Size Rec. 36mm -45mm
Rim ERD 597
Spokes Sapim CX Sprint
Nipples External Brass
Hub Offering ENVE AF, I9 1/1
Free hub Offering XDR, S11
Disc Rotor Attachment Center-Lock

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