GUEE AEROLite TPU Road Tube  700 x 20/32
GUEE AEROLite TPU Road Tube  700 x 20/32

GUEE AEROLite TPU Road Tube 700 x 20/32

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AeroLite inner tubes blend innovation and performance, leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver an unmatched riding experience. They offer a lightweight design through advanced materials, reducing bike weight and enhancing efficiency. The innovative material properties improve rolling resistance and stability for smoother rides. The tube’s feature minimizes flat tire risks and ensures rider confidence. With precise valve technology, they provide excellent airtight performance for worry-free rides. The patented installation indicator simplifies the setup process and suits professionals and amateur riders. Additionally, AeroLite prioritizes environmental sustainability in its manufacturing, aligning with new eco-conscious standards.


  • Lightweight Design: AeroLite Tubes redefine lightweight cycling for a streamlined riding experience
  • Efficient Rolling: Breakthrough rolling resistance for a smoother, more efficient ride
  • Strong Puncture Resistance: Superior puncture resistance ensures confidence on various terrains
  • Compact Portability: AeroLite Tubes are compact and travel-friendly, ready for your cycling adventures
  • Sustainable Performance: Low environmental impact in both material and production processes
  • Custom Alloy Valve: Removable valve core, valve extender compatibility

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