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Campagnolo Wheelset Bora Ultra 50 AC3 Carbon Clincher

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Innovating the wheel that for years has been a market benchmark might have seemed difficult and risky, but the Campy Tech Lab designers have managed to maintain those characteristics of flexibility and ease of handling that have made this high-profile wheel easy to steer, high performing and safe.

The new Bora Ultra 50 bursts onto the market not only with introduction of the new tire bed dedicated to the clincher, but also with improvements to the previous version in terms of lightness, aerodynamics, stiffness and comfort thanks to use of the new wider rim and front and rear hubs with different diameters.

The 2018 range sees the addition of the new AC3 (All Conditions Carbon Control) Technology braking track, which brings braking safety on wet terrain closer to that on dry.

Plus extremely clean-cut aesthetics guaranteed by innovative water-transfer graphics. All without giving up on the extreme smoothness, which has become the market benchmark and is the result of use of CULT bearings.


Cult-Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology - Maximum Smoothness for Maximum Performance. Cult is the combination of the highest quality ceramic ball bearings and stainless steel races available on the market, in other words the technological excellence that makes Campagnolo brand products stand out.

Ceramic ball bearings make it possible to reduce friction to the minimum and maintain consistent performance over time. Bearing races in stainless steel, with thermochemical surface treatment make the sliding surface of the bearings on which the ceramic balls rotate, extremely hard and resistant to wear.

G3 Geometry - Reinvent the wheel, not just its look. Better transfer of the driving torque, better lateral rigidity, reduction of the stress in the rear wheel spokes. And thanks to the G3™ system that compensates for the forces acting on the 2 sides of the wheel, there are no more wheel vibrations, even for heavier people.

Dynamic Balance - When making carbon rims, the pieces of carbon fabric are aligned in such a manner that the resulting rim is always balanced.


Unequalled performance and reliability
The 50 mm Full Carbon rim guarantees the best quality available on the market
Long-lasting smoothness is ensured by CULT bearings, nine times better performing than a standard solution.

The carbon wheel with the best braking performance
Internationally one-of-a-kind AC3 technology guarantees unique performance by the Bora Ultra 50 also when braking. Excellent grip between brake pad and rim allows for gradual, constant braking and shorter stopping distances, even in wet conditions. Its dedicated brake pads (red compound) guarantee reliability and durability

The best carbon wheel ever
All the Campagnolo knowhow now also available in a clincher version
Aerodynamic spokes, wider profile, carbon hubs, CULT bearings, self-locking aluminum nipples, oversize flanges and much more. The distinctive G3 design of the rear wheel guarantees excellent stiffness and an unmistakable look.

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