Maxima SC1 Bike Polish 12oz

Maxima SC1 Bike Polish 12oz

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New Bike In A Bottle

Isn't it great to know that with MAXIMA SC1 BIKE POLISH your bike is just a few pumps away from looking, and smelling, like new again? This bicycle-specific polish works like a dream. Simply spray on then buff with a soft cloth to leave a dry, long-lasting lustre.

Restore That Factory Shine To Your Bike

MAXIMA SC1 BIKE POLISH is not just about restoring the factory shine to your bike or enjoying the fresh, clean scent you've come to associate with that. It's also about the surface-tenacious formulation which establishes a durable film on most bicycle finishes to repel mud, dirt and debris from building-up on your components and affecting your performance.

Contains No CFC’s

MAXIMA RACING OILS are proud to present this product in a handy trigger spray bottle which contains no CFC’s and is safe for all surfaces. It is advised, however, that you remove, or cover, bike brakes and wheels during application. Used regularly MAXIMA SC1 POLISH will keep your bike clean, running smoothly and smelling like "new". Get your hands on a bottle today.

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