Molten Speed Wax – New Formula

Molten Speed Wax – New Formula

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Blending cutting edge science with old-world technique, MSPEEDWAX delivers industry leading drive train efficiency in the most demanding conditions. Using fully refined, lab-grade paraffin and North American mined WS2 and MoS2, our hot wax lubricant clings tenaciously to chains but not to hands, clothes, carpet or car. Say goodbye to constant drive train cleaning and chainring tats and hello to personal bests. Join the clean chain revolution by cooking up a batch and turn your drive train into a friction fighting street rod.

-Ridden to 6 Olympic gold medals; victory in 20 UCI Elite World Championships

-Current record holder, world human powered vehicle land speed record 

-Manufactured exclusively by MSPEEDWAX in-house, no third party melting, mixing or packaging

-Ingredients sourced exclusively in USA with certified analysis documentation, no PFAS chemicals

-Lowest usage cost of any bicycle chain lubricant in the world (Zero Friction Cycling)

-Excels in dry and wet conditions, dirt, sand, mud and snow

-Hot wax submersion technique cleans chain each waxing unlike drip lube application

-Oily mess eliminated from chain and components

-Optimal choice for road, TT, gravel, track, tri, CX, MTB and BMX

-Each container includes two wax pucks totaling 1.15lbs. (520g) 

-Two pucks will wax an average of 20 chains

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