SRM Origin Aluminium Road PM9 Power Meter

SRM Origin Aluminium Road PM9 Power Meter

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The SRM Origin PowerMeter, named for having all components designed by SRM - the original PowerMeter, is our first modular-concept PowerMeter offering limitless compatibility. Interchangeable spindles, adjustable crank arm length, flexible chainring combinations, rechargeable battery option... all crafted around cutting-edge carbon crank arms offering superior stiffness to weight ratio for unparalleled performance!

SRM offers the Origin in several versions and the modular foundation brings a "build your own" experience to customers. Start with a crank arm, 120 grams of the highest calibre carbon with LOOK's Trilobe Technology allowing one crank arm to function in three lengths; 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm. Then choose your chainrings; Shimano 9100, Shimano 9000, or 110/110BCD chainrings from BOR or Miche, for example. The Origin PowerMeter lid, with a rechargeable port option, is interchangeable to match your chainring model. Then select your spindle type and length, BB30 and 24mm options.   


  • Features
  • Specs
  • Model is prepped for 9200, 24mm axle, LOOK cranks
  • Adjustable crank arm length from 160mm to 175mm
  • Flexible chain ring combinations
  • Interchangeable spindles
WEIGHT966g (172,5mm arm and 53/39 CR, 24mm Axle)
MATERIALSAluminium Arms, Steel 24mm Axle
CHAINRINGS53/39, 52/36 or 50/34 (Aluminium)
CRANK LENGTHS160, 165, 170, 172.5 or 175

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